Saturday, July 21, 2012

OMG All Rize 4 Our Natl Anthm OMG Badass!

OMG welcom 2 our new P8riotic blog OMG Yay!
This is wear we R gunna like post sum diffrent kinda p8riotic badassery per day yo!
OMG we cant start any othar whey then with
budding contry muzic suparstar
singing evry single 1 of her Natl Anthms on YT yo OMG Badass!!!!

Hmmm actully theirs 1 or 2 more but blogger is stuck OMG!
Well 4 more badass vidz by Mary Sarah including her with Oak Ridge Boys & more go 2:
also u can follow Mary Sarah on tha twitter @

OMG com bak 2moro & evry day 4 sumthing new thats badass about tha USA omg Yay!
Piece & Luv,
Those American Girls Hooray!

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